Research Tools

A wide range of research tools

Sorgem International's long-standing experience has allowed us to create and adapt a rich and wide range of methodologies, from international branding research to ethnographic research, and including all kinds of tests.

These tools enable Sorgem International to realise research projects in all fields with a strong added value in advising and helping decision making.

At the heart of brands

An expert in brand-related research for over thirty years (positioning, repositioning, financial evaluation of the brand capital and international management of the brand...), Sorgem International has widened its methodology offer with many tools (Fond(s)® de marchés, METIΣ, CompassLab®...).

Sorgem International also offers deliverables specifically tailored to the client's need and to the objectives of the research:

  • Multi-countries reports
  • Films
  • Co-creative workshops
  • etc.

The key words that encapsulate Sorgem International's commitment are: adaptability, flexibility, creativity, multi-cultural expertise. Each problematic is dealt with a specific and relevant point of view.