Thirty years old… It’s a cause for celebration!

Thirty years old! Sorgem turns THIRTY!

Three decades devoted to listening to consumers, their vision of themselves and of others, their view on desire, on being and having, on the collective and the individual… in France and in many other countries!

What a fabulous legacy! Have we always been aware of this ourselves? We have been the oft-discreet witnesses and always truthful observers of all the mutations and crises that have transformed the relationship of our peers to consumption by successive waves: Chernobyl, the Green consumption trend, 9/11, the digital revolution and Internet, globalization…

We now grasp the full scope of this wealth of knowledge in many domains of consumption, reaching well beyond studies to build a true perspective on the evolution of society and behaviors over the past decades. We want to share this with you during an “anniversary” event scheduled next October.

What’s the idea? On a number of key consumption-related topics (products, retail, brands, sectors…), we will put the evolutions and changes that we deem most significant and, undoubtedly, most structuring for the future, into perspective.

To be continued…

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